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We Specialize in Buying and Harvesting Timber

A&A Wood TruckVoted 2010 Logger of the Year by the SC Forestry Association.

Welcome! Arledge Logging is a family owned and operated business established in 1975 and located in Upstate South Carolina. We specialize in buying and harvesting timber. We pay top prices for the wood.

Arledge Logging & Timber

Members of the South Carolina Timber Producer's Association and the Forestry Association, Arledge Logging uses "Best Management Practices" that help minimize the impact of timber harvesting on the environment.

Arledge Logging operates a conventional crew around the Greenville/Spartanburg area. We buy standing timber through contracting with private landowners and commercial grading and developing companies.

For privately owned land, usually the tract needs to be at least a couple of acres. Our heavy equipment and tractor trailer trucks are not designed to work in individual yards or on single trees.

Trees are vital to the environmentA&A Wood Logyard

The A&A Wood Products Logyard is located near I-26 and Highway 11 in Campobello, SC. We buy pine and hardwood logs from loggers, landscapers, builders, and the public. The logs must be a minimum of 10 feet long with 8 inch tops. See the A&A Wood Products page for pricing. Are you an artist or craftsman who works with specialty wood? A&A Wood Products also sells speciality wood, such as walnut, cedar, and maple.

We believe that promoting professional timber harvesting and the principals of sustainable forestry are vital to the industry and the environment. We care about the environment and are proud to be a part of responsible timber harvesting and promoting of our only natural renewable resource, trees!

Did you know?...

  • Wood is recyclable...we can make another product with it. Wood is reusable...we can use wood again. Wood is decomposes and returns to the earth as soil.
  • For every tree we harvest, we plant five in its place. South Carolina is 5th in the US in number of trees planted yearly.
  • Timber, with a stumpage value in excess of $454 million, is the state's most valued agricultural crop.
  • Every day each American uses 15 pounds of wood.
  • There are over 5,000 products made from wood and wood by-products.
  • Trees are our only natural renewable resource! They are renewable because they will come back naturally or can be re-planted and managed.
  • South Carolina's forest industry is the third largest and ranks fourth in total wages paid among all manufacturing segments.
  • There are more trees in South Carolina now than when Columbus landed!